4 Different Types of Pet Stores in Peachtree City

So pet stores in Peachtree City are few and far between and every one you find is not the same. There are four major types of pet stores you will come across when traveling the streets town. If you’re looking to pamper and care for your pet, keep an eye out for these pet store options.


Splash and Dash is one of the specialty pet stores in Peachtree City. Here you can leave your pet for a day of pampering. This can include, but is not limited too: shampooing, nail trimming, drying, coloring, styling, ear cleaning, and brush outs. This will refresh your pet and give them back their fresh, puppy-like energy. Splash and Dash is unique because they offer more than just grooming. You will also have a luxury boutique that offers high end food, treats and products for your pet.

Supply Stores

When you think of pet stores in Peachtree City this is more than likely what comes to mind. Supply stores are where you pick up pet feed, medication, toys, bones, treats, and often times they’ll offer in-store training. They can be small, locally owned branches, but many cities have feed mills with more organic, healthy choices. You will also find large name pet stores that will offer a wide assortment of products and services.


Pet bakeries, such as Wag to Whiskers, are another category of pet stores in Peachtree City. Here you will find specially made dog treats like cake or flavored dog biscuits you will not find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a special treat for puppy’s special day or just feel like spoiling the little rascal, look for the locally owned treat stores. This can be perfect for your pet’s birthday or even just to give them something to let them know you care.

Knickknack Pet Stores in Peachtree City

Not all pet stores in Peachtree City are specifically for pets. When you drive around the area you will see pet stores with treats mixed in with goods for the animal obsessed. Some of the products you will find in these stores include animal pillows, salt and pepper shakers, little statues, frames, and so much more. If you don’t have enough doggie in your life, keep your eye out for this place to fill your house with more animals that you won’t have to feed later on. For people that are looking for breed specific items, these are the shops to visit.